Avalon Beach 100 Dunbar Park celebrations moved to Saturday 19 March 2022

We had planned to kick off on 4/12/21 in Dunbar Park -however Mr Perrottet’s date change for removing restrictions for unvaccinated from 1/12 to 15/12/21 would have required us to perimeter fence the Park , to run our event.

So we are rolling with the flow and ducking and weaving around the covid restrictions and have postponed our Dunbar Park Community Celebration Day to Saturday 19/3/2022.

This will give more time for planning and also we hope the 4 local schools will be able to have greater participation in our events by March 2022. So stay tuned -there is much more….

Some 30 odd dedicated volunteers have been beavering away in the background since Roger Treagus called our 1st meeting of the Avalon Beach Centenary Committee, way back in June , pre lockdown.

We have been planning events and activities to Celebrate both our Indigenous and Non Indigenous History and Culture, to showcase our local Artists, Musicians, Performers and Creatives, our wonderful volunteer Community Clubs and Support Groups, our Local Businesses and the wonderful natural environment we live in.

We are looking to roll out events from December 2021- December 2022.

Avalon Beach Centenary
Avalon Beach Centenary

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